Education Without Discrimination: The Inspirational Story of Mrs. Petronela at SD YPK Asei

Treating all students equally is the practice of Mrs. Petronela, a teacher at YPK Asei Elementary School. On Tuesday, October 3, 2023, facilitators from the Nusantara Sejati Foundation (YNS) provided support to Mrs. Petronela as she taught alphabet literacy to second-grade students.

Mrs. Petronela not only imparts knowledge but also gives recognition and motivation to all students, without exception. Even students who may have a lower understanding compared to others receive special attention and guidance from her. As a result, students’ understanding of letter concepts has significantly improved.

The educational approach adopted by Mrs. Petronela is an exemplary one that should be emulated and implemented in everyday learning processes. It will have a positive impact on children’s interest in knowledge, which will be highly beneficial for their future.

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