Inspirational Journey of Lasarus Samanui: Building Educational Hope in Papua with YNS

Lasarus Samanui, a facilitator at the Nusantara Sejati Foundation (YNS), shares his story after working for 6 months with YNS. According to Lasarus, YNS has helped maximize his potential. Before being deployed to the field, Lasarus was required to undergo preparatory training as a facilitator. During the training, Lasarus learned many new things, including communication skills, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity (soft skills), literacy, numeracy (hard skills), and character (universal moral values). These became assets for Lasarus to train and support teachers and students in schools. Lasarus also learned facilitation techniques to engage community participation in school activities.

In the field, Lasarus strives to bring about change, especially at SD Inpres Nimbontong and SD YPK Yongsu Spari. Despite the distance between these two schools and numerous challenges, Lasarus’s enthusiasm remains unwavering. After 4 months of work, Lasarus successfully persuaded teachers to change their teaching methods. Together with the school community and the surrounding residents, Lasarus facilitated the creation of reading corners, reading gardens, and school gardens.

Lasarus hopes that, together with the school community and residents, they can build a strong foundation for improving the quality of the teaching and learning process at the schools. In this way, Lasarus can contribute to efforts to realize quality education in Papua, the place where he was born and raised.

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