Chili Plant Cultivation Activity with Homeroom Teachers and Students of Melam Hilli Elementary School

On April 15, 2023, Melam Hilli Elementary School held a chili plant cultivation activity involving homeroom teachers and students. This activity is part of a program mandated by the Acting Regent (Pj

Mrs. Maria Kabei, a Teacher and the Only Educator at Atamali State Elementary School

On March 15, 2023, the Nusantara Sejati Foundation (YNS) visited Atamali State Elementary School in Khameyakha Village, Ebungfauw District, Jayapura Regency. The school is a "branch school" or a dist

Improving Learning Quality with Project-Based Learning Training at SDN Impres Kameyakha

On January 30th and 31st, 2023, SDN Impres Kameyakha held a training for teachers and school principals, accompanied by relevant facilitators. This training aims to improve teachers' understanding of

Elementary school students at Rumah Pintar, Kampung Babo – West Papua, are creative in making “Batik” stamps by utilizing the leaves of plants that are around the Rumpin

This activity aims to provide opportunities for children to try new ideas, with new ways of thinking.

This is not solely related to the "new" product produced by children, but also the process of

Tablanusu Elementary School students, Kab. Jayapura Utilizes Learning Media from the Surrounding Environment

To facilitate the learning process, students of SD Tablanusu, Jayapura Regency utilize learning media from the environment around the school. Identify some existing leaves, stick, write down the name

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Yayasan Nusantara Sejati (YNS) is a non-profit organization that focuses in capacity building and research activities connected to issues of good governance and education, particularly in the Indonesian regional development sector. Since its establishment in 1999, YNS has been actively undertaking strategic policy research and creative development activities.

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