Positive Discipline Training for Students, Teachers, Principals, Parents, Education Practitioners, and Psychologists

On February 23-24, 2024, a Positive Discipline training was held at the Auditorium of Christian University Krida Wacana (UKRIDA). This event resulted from the collaboration between PT. Wacana Tata Akademika (WTA) and UKRIDA. The training was attended by teachers, principals, parents, education practitioners, psychology faculty students, and psychologists. Participants came from PT IFO CharCom Empowerment, GBI Rumah Harmoni, the Christian Education Assembly of Indonesia, the Indonesian Christian Bell Church, Noble Academy, SD, SMP, and SMA Citra Kasih and Citra Berkat, SMAN 78 Jakarta, SMAK Penabur Harapan Indah, SMAN 19 Jakarta, and the Faculty of Psychology UKRIDA.

The aim of this training was to equip participants with knowledge and skills to build and develop good character in children and how to deal with inappropriate behavior in children.

Throughout the training, participants were enthusiastic because the training methods encouraged them to actively engage. Additionally, participants found the training content to be new and insightful. The training materials opened their perspectives on understanding children and their needs, developing good character in children, and addressing inappropriate child behavior. They hope that the outcomes of this training can be applied in schools and in their daily lives at home.

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