Chili Plant Cultivation Activity with Homeroom Teachers and Students of Melam Hilli Elementary School

On April 15, 2023, Melam Hilli Elementary School held a chili plant cultivation activity involving homeroom teachers and students. This activity is part of a program mandated by the Acting Regent (Pj.) of Jayapura through the Department of Education. The objective of this activity is to encourage schools to utilize the school garden as an active learning medium.

Through the chili plant cultivation activity, the students of Melam Hilli Elementary School can learn about the importance of environmental conservation and understand the process of plant growth. Additionally, this activity provides an opportunity for students to engage in practical outdoor activities, which can enhance their social skills and provide a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

In the effort to create a generation that cares about the environment, the Nusantara Sejati Foundation (YNS) has actively played a role in encouraging schools to make the school garden an effective learning space. By integrating activities such as chili plant cultivation into the curriculum, schools can provide real-life experiences to students that strengthen their connection with nature and foster environmental awareness from an early age.

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