Visit of the Japan Initiative Team to the Nusantara Sejati Foundation: Promoting Collaboration in the Implementation of the 2023-2024 Program Review

On September 25, 2023, the Japan Initiative Team, represented by Hideki Kato, Taki Kitada, Kento Onaka, and Hagusa Masahiro, paid a visit to the office of the Nusantara Sejati Foundation. During this visit, the Nusantara Sejati Foundation and the Japan Initiative engaged in discussions regarding the collaborative implementation of the 2023-2024 Program Review.

The program review is a method used to evaluate the implementation and outcomes of a government-funded program. This method has been practiced by 145 local governments in Japan since 2002. Through this collaborative implementation, YNS aims to promote the dissemination of program reviews in Indonesia as a method to achieve open and transparent governance.

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