Zona Karya Competition (Implementation)

From August 21st to 24th, 2023, Rumah Didik Bersama (RDB), facilitated by YNS, organized the ‘Zona Karya Competition’. RDB provides a space for children and adolescents in Kampung Merah Baru to develop skills and potentials beyond academic abilities, such as soft skills or life skills.

Once the event began, numerous activities involving elementary and junior high school students, as well as the community in Tanah Merah Baru Village, took place. Some of the activities conducted included:

  • Literacy competition in reading, writing, and counting
  • English speech competition
  • Mini soccer goal competition
  • Volleyball competition
  • Poster-making competition
  • Sumuri Dance competition
  • Making Sago Noodles
  • Exhibition involving STEM, ART, ENGLISH CLUB, JOURNALISM, SOCIAL, etc.

Below are various photos of the activities that took place during the Zona Karya Competition.

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