Improving Learning Quality with Project-Based Learning Training at SDN Impres Kameyakha

On January 30th and 31st, 2023, SDN Impres Kameyakha held a training for teachers and school principals, accompanied by relevant facilitators. This training aims to improve teachers’ understanding of Project-Based Learning.

“The Importance of a Correct Understanding of Project-Based Learning”

This training is important to ensure that teachers have a correct understanding of Project-Based Learning. By properly understanding this concept, it is expected that teachers can effectively apply this method and produce better learning outcomes for students.

“How to Create Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans”

In this training, participants are also taught about how to create Project-Based Learning Lesson Plans. This material is very useful for teachers in preparing good and consistent lesson plans with the Project-Based Learning concept.

“Simulating Project-Based Learning Teaching”

To make it easier for participants to understand, this training also includes a simulation of Project-Based Learning teaching. This simulation helps participants to understand how to apply this method in daily teaching.

With this training, it is expected that teachers and school principals can understand and apply Project-Based Learning well, thus improving the learning quality for students at SDN Impres Kameyakha.

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