Our Services


  • Assist the government and the private sector in designing, establishing, and revitalizing public and vocational formal education institutions (all levels) and non-formal and informal education.
  • Provide consultation in the management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds for the education sector and community development.
  • Designing a competency-based human capital development system to meet future needs (21st century skills)

Program Management

Manage various quality improvement programs in the education and community development sectors.

Research and Evaluation

Design and carry out research activities and evaluation monitoring related to the education sector and community development.

Human Resource Capacity Improvement

Design and implement various types of competency-based training to meet future needs (21st century skills) for educators, community facilitators, government officials, and the general public.

Featured Programs

School Intervention

Meningkatkan kualitas proses pembelajaran di sekolah terutama untuk Pembelajaran Literasi baca tulis dengan pemahaman; Numerasi Kontekstual; STEM; pendekatan Telaah, Teliti, Tata dan Turtur (4T), serta penerapan Disiplin Berkarakter.

Reference School Development

This program aims to develop schools to be used as "reference schools" for other schools in certain areas. This model of Schools will be developed comprehensively, starting from improvements to school management; the capacity and competence of school principals, teachers, and education personnel; curriculum and teaching and learning process; arrangement of supporting facilities, and increasing community and village participation where the school is located.

Application of Hybrid Learning / Blended Learning

Learning with mixed methods (Hybrid / Blended Learning) has become a future trend (21st century). This learning process requires competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) of educators different from what has been done in schools. YNS develops an e-platform with a learning system (LMS) following the trends and needs of the new century (Hybrid/Blended Learning).

Education Facilitator and Community Empowerment Training

Facilitator training to have holistic skills to help train and assist schools and facilitate in increasing community participation in education.

Improving the Competence of Educators & Education Personnel

Improving the competence of teachers and educators in terms of:

  • Curriculum and implementation of Student Oriented Learning
  • Application of Character Discipline Approach (Positive Discipline and Character Education)
  • Utilization of Information Technology (ICT) in Learning (Hybrid/Blended)
  • Learning Evaluation

Scholarship Management (Domestic and Overseas)

Management of scholarships for government and private institutions for Indonesian students to succeed in continuing higher education abroad. This management starts from designing programs, selecting and preparing scholarship recipients before starting their education at home and overseas.

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